Best Investments for Military Families

A majority of military personnel do not have time to look after their financial affairs. They’re too busy with family as well as friends and work. If service members do need to make financial decisions they aren’t always safe. There’s plenty to pick from including too many mutual funds, stocks as well as retirement plan options, and not even all the mortgages and insurance options. It’s difficult to decide which is the best, and it’s easy to miss the right investment.

The positive side is that a variety of investment and savings opportunities will help you plan for an enjoyable future without taking up too much time or strain to your already busy schedule. Here are five most beneficial investments for military personnel to think about.

Federal Thrift Savings Plan

The Thrift Savings Program (TSP) is a qualified retirement plan which offers a tax-free, low-cost option for federal employees and military personnel to invest. You can choose your own investment mix that range from an instant-term U.S. Treasury bond to index funds, to a life-cycle fund, the last which will automatically rebalance your portfolio when you are near


You have the option of choosing among two tax options to make TSP contributions.

Traditional TSP: With this plan, you will receive tax breaks during the tax year that you contribute contributions and pay tax on withdrawals of funds in retirement.

Roth TSP: You won’t enjoy any tax benefits in the beginning with this plan after tax, however the withdrawals that qualify are tax-free when you retire.

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In 2021, you’ll have the option to contribute up to $19,500 into the TSP (rising to $20,500 by 2022. The figure increases to $26,000 in 2021 when you’re 50 years old or older (rising to $27,000 by 2022).45 If you’re in the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) or the Blended Retirement System (BRS) and you could earn up to five percent more in matching contribution from your military. You’ll receive a match of dollar for dollar on the first 3percent of your salary you deposit to the TSP and 50 cents per dollar after that 2%.6 If you’re able to save more, higher the match, therefore it’s best to make the most of your contributions as much as you can.

Similar to like a 401(k) option, you could make automatic deposits that are taken from your pay It’s easy to “set it and forget it.” It’s a great idea to establish automatic deposits before the first paycheck is issued. That will ensure that you don’t forget the money.

To take away any doubt Here are five of the top investment options that servicemembers can consider:

Put money into your education. Military personnel who cut their salary by $100 per month are eligible for up to 36 months of schooling after they quit the military. This is the most lucrative return for $1,200 you’ll ever receive.

Make an investment in your debt by decreasing it. You may not consider this to be something to invest in, however it’s. Each payment you make on the debt will earn you a cash reward on your investment in proportion to the debt’s interest rate. For instance, let’s say you pay an additional $100 to a credit card with a 16 percent balance. You’ve instantly earned 16 percent, which is guaranteed. (Why so? Since not having to pay 16 percent later is an additional 16 percent of cash in your pockets.) If you’re charged an interest penalty of 24 percent due to the fact that you’re late on two payments, paying an additional $100 can earn you a 24- percent return. This is another investment option that’s difficult to beat.

Invest in the Federal Thrift Savings Plan. It’s a great deal. You can take money from your paycheck and put into low-cost mutual funds to enjoy tax-deferred, long-term growth. What’s the most beneficial thing about your Thrift Plan? The Thrift Plan is a Lifecycle Fund that spreads your funds across a range of bonds and stocks suitable for your age. It’s the only one you’ll ever need.

Real Estate

Real estate is an excellent option to diversify your portfolio and earn higher returns. However, it is more risky (and work) than investments with lower risk. But, investments in real estate have numerous benefits, including tax advantages and a steady stream of steady income. The most common method of investing into real estate involves to purchase the house and turn it into an investment property that can be used as a rental (some service members purchase property close to their base locations, making managing their rental properties easier).

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are a different preferred alternative. An REIT is a business which owns, manages, or finance properties that generate income. Investors purchase securities of public traded REITs through a tax-deductible brokerage account or IRA. As per law, REITs are required to pay 90percent of the earnings every year in dividends. This could produce huge returns on dividends to investors.

Investors’ With the SEC

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is encouraging soldiers to reach out to inquire about investing or information about how to verify the registration or license status that an individual has or firm.14 To reach out make a call to the SEC’s helpline for investors toll-free at 1-800-732-3330 (dial 1-202-551-6551 for calls from outside in the United States) or email The SEC is part of the department’s Financial Readiness Network and regularly organizes briefings for investors on military bases.


Be aware that there are a variety of methods to save and invest like U.S. Savings Bonds (Series I Savings Bonds have a rate of 7.12 percent until December 2022) and Servicemembers Group Life Insurance.1516

Service members are also able to access programs that, although not investment-related, could help you save money. For instance you can take advantage of the VA Home Loan program offers mortgages that do not require a down amount as well as low interest rates, low closing costs, and no requirement to purchase PMI insurance for private homes (PMI).