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Laptop insurance offers protection in the eventuality of loss, theft or damages to your laptop’s computer. Although it’s advertised as a form device insurance homeowner insurance policies offer some form of protection. The coverage covers laptops that have been damaged or stolen under certain hazards like water, fire or any other kind of natural catastrophe.

Laptops are costly and it’s worthwhile to protect them, particularly because they’re an integral aspect of our life. If, for instance, you’re self-employed and depend on your laptop for tasks, your productivity could stop completely should something happen to your laptop.

If you are choosing the best laptop insurance policy be sure to take note of what actually includes, policy limits as well as any exclusions to coverage. To assist you in making your choice, we’ve compiled the top five insurance plans that will work with your laptop, according to price as well as coverage, the place you’ll use your laptop and many more.

BEST OVERALLWorth Ave. Group

Worth Ave. Group offers laptop insurance to college students, adults and students working in a K12 environment. It was rated as the top overall choice because it covers the broadest possible range of dangers we’ve experienced and has a long-standing track record of great satisfaction with its customers. The insurance company only provides an ordinary plan for their laptop insurance, however it provides coverage for a variety of risks, including vandalism, theft, power surges due to cracks in screens, lighting and natural disasters as well as spills.

The policies are offered nationwide and cover every laptop model, including new and used models. It is possible to get an estimate through their online application form. You’ll have to provide the state where you live as well as the type of user, the insurance amount, and period. Contact customer service at 1-800-620-2885 , or inquire using their live chat service prior to taking out the policy.

The cost of insurance premiums will differ based the state in which you reside as well as the length of the policy as well as the amount of coverage. For instance an Louisiana resident seeking 500 dollars worth of insurance over one year can expect to pay $48 annually. Compare this with the Florida resident who is paying just $37 to get the exact amount. But, any quotes that you receive online through their website will have the $100 deductible.

Worth Ave. Group allows policyholders to file a claim online by logging in to their account, then heading to the page for claims and filling in required information before submitting. Another option is printing the claims form, and then mail or fax the filled out form.


Asurion is our top pick for multiple policies due to the option to bundle different kinds of electronics into one monthly cost (also known as Their Asurion Home + plan). In addition, you’ll be able to buy policies from Amazon in the same transaction when you buy a laptop. Asurion was founded in 1994. Asurion has offices all over the globe and is highly rated on reviews from their customers.

While the coverage does not cover theft or loss, its policy covers risks like power outages, cracked screens spills, damage caused by normal wear and wear and tear. Policies are offered across the nation and you can buy insurance via Amazon or through their site if decide to purchase Asurion Home+. Asurion Home+ plan–there’s no need to seek estimates.

Its Asurion Home+ program is an affordable $24.99 per month. coverage begins 30 days after you sign up. The individual laptop insurance plans differ and cover drops, scratches on screens, spills or hardware issues. To submit claims the policyholders must go online through the Asurion website.


We selected Securranty as the most affordable option for costs due to its ability to offer discounts on multiple types of insurance. provides different discounts, including discounts for purchasing several policies. The company’s headquarters are at Houston, Texas, the insurer was founded in the year 2011, and is an authorized insurance agency that provides extended warranties as well as insurance plans.

The company provides insurance to individuals of all ages and who are in a K12 environment. the plan tiers are one for accidental damage , and an additional one to cover losses, normal perils (such like fire) as well as theft. The policies are offered throughout all of the U.S. and receiving a estimate is accomplished by providing information via its form on the internet–fair warning: it’s not user-friendly. You can also get a quote by calling 1-800-832-304-2015.

The cost of insurance varies based on the model of laptop and duration of the policy. It’s also important to note that the price isn’t dependent on the worth the laptop has. This isn’t often. In this instance an example, a one-year accident damage insurance policy for a brand new laptop is $29.95 annually, while buying a five-year plan with the same amount costs $19.95 annually.

Insurance policyholders are able to file an online claim anytime through their online account, or by phone customer support.


SquareTrade provides some of the most comprehensive protection available and offers customers a simple claims procedure online, and also additions to their basic plan. In 1999, the insurer works with larger corporations like Allstate to offer laptop insurance to large retailers, such as Costco.

The plans they have in mind include:

  • Protection standard: The plan comes into effect when the manufacturer’s warranty ends and protects against mechanical issues like burning out of the power supply or screen failure.
  • Protection against accidents:This plan provides coverage starting on the day you buy your plan . It also covers incidents like spills and drops, in addition to the protection offered under the regular plan.

The company offers protection on the entire range of laptops that are new provided you buy and register the laptop before 30 days from the purchase which makes it the best option for people who have new laptops. The process of purchasing online is simple: Select the price of your laptop’s purchase and the desired deductible and the duration of coverage. After you have entered your personal and financial information You can then sign up to your policy (this is not mandatory) within three days. This will make it easier for you if you ever have to submit an insurance claim.

The policies are offered across the country and begin with $79.99 on a 2 year insurance with a $25 deductible , and can go up to three years of coverage which comes with the absence of a deductible. For a claim to be filed visit their claims page. You will need to provide the necessary information like the details you’ve included in your purchase receipt , as well as the serial number of your laptop.

Remember that one big drawback to SquareTrade is the fact that it does not secure your laptop from theft or loss.


Upsie is a relatively new company which was founded in the year 2018, is the best choice for older models because it’s one of the few companies that offer coverage for open box products. If your laptop was bought within 60 days and is covered by a 30-day seller’s warranty, you are eligible to be covered. The majority of laptops are covered.

Requesting a quote for an insurance policy is straightforward. When you fill out their online application you’ll be required to supply specifics like the model of device, its brand and model, whether it’s brand new or previously owned, the cost of purchase and the length of the plan. You can pick the two or three-year plan, and every plan comes with an annual deductible of $25. The coverage covers scratches on the screen, damages like spills and damage caused by power surges. The policies are available across the country and cost as low as $41.37 to purchase a 2-year plan and rise to $321.01 for a three-year plan in accordance with the laptop’s purchase cost.

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