Best Online Banks Of December 2021

Online banks usually provide low-cost fees with high APYs as well as easy online banking services. However, the most suitable option for your needs is one that is able to meet your financial requirements, whether it’s a single savings account or a full-service banking institution. When you are looking for the ideal bank for your family and you take note of the most important things you want from the bank you choose to join online.

If you’re looking for an online bank to meet your requirements or need to open a high yield savings account, then there are plenty of options. But don’t let the array of options make you feel overwhelmed. We’ve identified the top online banks that have a an excellent track record of maintaining costs at a low level while guaranteeing your deposits to the federal limit.

We have partnered with these banks to offer savings account deals that are listed below. In the table below, you’ll discover more information on our editors’ selections of the top online banks, as well as the reason we chose these banks. All the banks and credit unions on the list are covered with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Best Online Banks of 2021

Discover Bank

Discover Bank offers a broad array of banking options which makes it an excellent alternative for shopping in one place. It is possible to open savings, checking or money-market accounts and make use of Discover’s CDs for long-term goals, all with no maintenance charges. The Cashback Debit account comes with a cash back reward that isn’t often found in a bank account that is a checking one: You get an 1% cash-back on upto $3,000 in the purchases made with a debit card that are eligible for monthly.

Discover has the requirement of a minimum balance, however it does have minimum balance requirements, for example, the requirement for a minimum of $2,500 to open an account on a CD. Money market accounts, with the same minimum of $2,500 is a decent rate and allows the use of funds out of your account. However, if you’ve got the money to avail of these services, Discover enables you to manage several accounts under one roof.


One offers customers a no-cost One account with various “Pockets” for spending and saving. Each user is given three pockets that include the Spend Pocket as well as the Save Pocket and the Auto-Save Pocket. In the Save Pocket, customers can earn 1.00 percent APY for up to $5,000. Similarly, in the Auto-Save Pocket, customers can earn an unlimitable 3.00 percent in APY on balances resulting by rounding spending with their one debit card.

One has joined The Allpoint network, meaning that customers can access more than 55,000 ATMs that are fee-free to withdraw money, however One is not currently able to allow cash deposits. Customers can make deposits to their One account through direct deposit, via electronic transfers from a bank account outside of the One network or through a peer-to-peer payment services like Venmo as well as Cash App.

Ally Bank

The savings account at Ally Bank offers an 0.50 percent APY. its checking account pays 0.10 percent APY for balances below $15,000, and 0.25 percent for balances of more than $15,000. The certificates of deposit also have attractive rates too. Customers aren’t able to make deposits with cash. Accounts need to be funded by transfer funds from an external account or by depositing a check through post or mobile phone or wire transfer.

The support phone is accessible 24 hours a day, and the website offers a chat feature to assist customers.

First Foundation Bank

If you are looking for high rates in savings savings, First Foundation bank pays 0.50 percent APY for the Online Savings account, as of August 22nd 2021. This is among the highest rates offered, and you are able to get it with the initial deposit of $1,000. deposit.2

Certain banks require you to make deposits much more or satisfy other stringent requirements to qualify for higher rates. First Foundation makes it easy to be eligible, as there aren’t fees for maintenance on a monthly basis and you can take your balance out without being denied access to this rate.

Alliant Credit Union

Alliant offers 0.55 percent APY on their High-Rate Savings account. This is an amount that is significantly higher than the standard 0.06 percent APY that is offered on savings accounts offered by traditional banks. Alliant also offers a high-rate Checking account that has a 0.25 percent APY and share certificates (the equivalent to credit union deposits) with rates that are higher than average.

If you’re not eligible to be eligible for Alliant membership, based on Alliant’s general criteria it is possible to do so by joining the charitable organization Foster Care to Success; Alliant will cover the membership fee of $5 on behalf of you.


Varo provides a checking and savings account, however it does not offer certificate of deposit. The savings account is offered with a base 0.50 percent annual percentage yield, however this rate of interest increases to 3.00% when customers meet the following requirements for each month such as receiving at least $1,000 via direct deposit, maintain an average monthly savings balance of less than $5,000, and maintain a check as well as savings account.

There are restrictions and fees on cash deposits. Moreover, the only method a Varo customer can make a cash deposit is to visit any third-party retailer participating within the Green Dot network, such as 7-Eleven, CVS or Walgreens.

To withdraw cash, customers must utilize an ATM within the Allpoint network for no cost; the use of non-Allpoint ATMs is subject to an additional $2.50 cost payable to Varo and any other fees the ATM owner could charge.


TIAA Bank offers checking, savings, and certificates of deposits. The checking account is offered with the benefit of a 0.10 percent APY, while its savings account offers an 0.50 percent APY, and the CD rate is competitive. The Basic Savings and Basic Checking accounts each require a $25 minimum deposit to open, while the CDs require a minimum of $1000 to open. For savings and checking accounts the monthly fees are waived provided that the customer has at least a balance of $25 or less; otherwise, the customer will be charged 5 dollars per month.

TIAA Bank also offers a solid ATM payment program. For customers with at least a monthly account balance of $5,000 in their account, TIAA Bank will give an unlimited amount of ATM cost reimbursements. For customers who have the balance below $5, TIAA Bank will reimburse up to $15 in ATM fees each month.

Synchrony Bank

Synchrony does not have an account for checking, however it does provide an attractive savings account as well as deposits in the form of certificates. Synchrony’s high-yield savings account online is backed by an 0.50 percent APY which is significantly more than the APY offered by the majority of brick-and-mortar banks.

Support for customers is available through Twitter Live chat, Twitter, as well as by phone. The Synchrony mobile app is able to accept check deposits and works well, as per customer reviews on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play store.

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