What Is Wedding Insurance?

The insurance for your wedding is form of insurance designed to protect your from loss in certain circumstances that could affect you and your day. This can include unexpected circumstances that result from injury or damage during a wedding, severe weather conditions, issues with your wedding venue or the vendors, or particular circumstances that might make it impossible for your wedding to take place.

If you’ve spent lots of time and money planning the day of your wedding, you might be concerned about protecting your investment. Find out more about what wedding insurance covers as well as what it covers and how it functions.

What Is Wedding Insurance?

Similar to other kinds of insurance for events wedding insurance is specifically intended to shield your from the various losses that could occur during your wedding day. In general, weddings typically fall under liability insurance or cancellation insurance.

Wedding Insurance Riders

Wedding insurance usually covers specific circumstances, however, you can purchase additional insurance options to add additional protection. The most common riders offered are:

  • Military service. Should you, or your companion are serving in the active reserves or in the military and are required to serve or a reserve duty, a military service rider would pay the costs of changing the date of the event.
  • Wedding gowns and Tuxedos. If the place you purchased your wedding dress or tuxedo from shuts down of business, leaving you with no wedding attire or deposit, this rider can help with the cost of buying new wedding attire.
  • Honeymoon. If you need to end your honeymoon because of bad weather or an illness the honeymoon rider may pay for your costs for travel.

What Doesn’t Wedding Insurance Cover?

Wedding insurance won’t cover every single thing that could happen. Although the terms of policy can differ from insurer to insurer, these limitations typically are in effect:

Cost. In most cases, cancellation and delays due to costs aren’t covered under wedding insurance. In the event, for instance, you realize that your wedding ceremony and reception are over your budget then you choose to cut back. In this case the wedding insurance policy won’t compensate the deposit you lost or any other expenses.

A change of mind. When you and your spouse decide to change your mind about having a wedding, your policy generally won’t cover any costs that result from the cancellation of your wedding.

Regularly bad weather. Wedding insurance only covers you for postponements or cancellations caused by extreme weather which means that the weather is so bad the bride, her spouse or at most half of your guests are unable to get to your wedding venue. For less common weather events, such for rain in the days leading up to your wedding at the beach–the policy will not reimburse you.

The Best Wedding Insurance Policies

If you decide to purchase insurance for your insurance, you’ll be able to purchase:

  • Event Liability and Weddings The insurance policy covers liability at the location for damage to property as well as injuries or accidents to guest for which you are liable for.
  • Host Liquor Liability Insurance: Can safeguard you from alcohol-related accidents. If you’re planning to host an event at home, this might be something to take into consideration.
  • The Venue, or any additional Insured Liability If the wedding requires liability insurance for the venue, or any additional identified insureds, then you could be required to add them to the policy.
  • Postponement or cancellation: Reimbursement of non-refundable deposits in the amount of the policy.
  • Additional or special coverages You may want to cover your dress or tuxedos, gifts photos, or other objects against loss or theft (i.e. in the event that you tear your wedding dress in error).

The 6 Best Wedding Insurance Policies of 2022

  • Travelers Wedding Insurance: Best Overall
  • Wedsure: Best for Customized Options & Change of Heart
  • WedSafe: Best for Wedding Liability Coverage
  • Markel Specialty: Best for Keeping It Simple
  • Event Helper: Best for Local Friendly Service (USA)
  • USAA: Best For Members of the Military
  • How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?
  • Cost of insurance for weddings is contingent on many aspects:
  • Your location
  • The insurer that issued the insurance
  • The amount of coverage
  • The size of the wedding
  • Optional riders

The average cost for a simple cancellation and postponement insurance policy will cost between $155 and $550. A general liability insurance policy that offers one million dollars in protection for injuries or accidents cost around $185.3

It’s an excellent idea to research and compare quotes from different insurance firms. If you’re uncertain of where to begin then take a look at our choices of the top wedding insurance companies for 2021.

What Is Not Covered by Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance will not typically protect you in the event that you suddenly cannot afford to pay for your wedding. However, certain cancellation policies for wedding insurance may provide coverage if the shortage of funds was due to unexpected job losses after purchasing the cancellation policy. Each wedding insurance company will view this risk in a different way So, ask about this concern.6

Wedding insurance typically covers circumstances that aren’t within the control of the couple, therefore it’s not covered when couples have cold feet or decide to leave an event. Wedsure is an exception the general rule. However the less comprehensive “Change of Heart” coverage is available only as an option on the cancellation insurance plan and does not cover the bride or the groom. The coverage is only available when the wedding is financed by a third party that did not have any involvement with the choice to cancel the wedding. The policy does not cover a alteration of plans occurs less than 365 calendar days before the date of the first covered event.

Does Wedding Insurance Cover Gifts?

A standard wedding insurance policy will not usually provide coverage for stolen or lost gifts , unless you include an additional wedding gift rider the insurance policy when you purchase it.2

Does Wedding Insurance Cover Breakups?

Unfortunately, the wedding insurance generally does not cover cancellations due to the couple’s separation.

Where Can I Buy Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is offered by a number of large insurance companies as with companies who specialize in this specific niche.

How Does Wedding Insurance Work?

Like other kinds policies, you’ll have select the limits of coverage and deductibles before setting the wedding coverage. This will determine the amount the policy will cost you, what kinds of events it covers and the amount you’ll need to pay out of your own pocket in the event of an incident.

For instance, you could select a policy that provides $25,000 in expenses arising from severe weather. If a storm strikes on the day prior to your wedding day, and you must purchase an outdoor tent, your insurance policy will mail you an invoice to pay for it.2

Military deployments may or might not be covered under all wedding insurance policies, but it is typically mentioned if it is. For instance, USAA offers members of the military cancellation policy which includes deployment.

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